Our Mission

The Singapore School Transport Association (SSTA) has been serving its members on several levels. At the very core, members can turn to our Secretariat for assistance and support in problem solving and mediation. The SSTA also seeks out the best trade discounts and financial assistance programmes possible to aid members. For example, the SSTA is able to obtain bulk discount on fuel purchase and vehicle insurance premiums and pass these savings on directly to members.

Worthy of note is the cooperation with the LTA on the installation of three-point seatbelts on all existing small buses carrying school children by the year 2010. The SSTA worked closely with the LTA on the implementation details of the retrofitting process. Eventually, the SSTA succeeded in getting financial assistance from LTA to defray the cost of retrofitting the seat belts on the small buses, greatly lessening the financial burden on our members.

To ensure our relevance to consumers’ increasingly demanding needs, we must strive constantly to improve our service quality in order to enhance our competitiveness, and to make passenger safety our top priority.

Worthy of note is the welfare programme started by the SSTA in 2005 for the less fortunate, only for selected Primary Schools, which successfully raised funds through a slew of charity programmes.

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