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Our History

The establishment of the Singapore School Transport Association was founded by Mr. Xu Kunfeng and Mr. Huang Qingquan and was officially approved by the Registry of Societies on 28 December 1958.

The Association started with an inistial 50 members, many of whom were self-employed school transport vehicle drivers. The purpose of the establishment was to unite people of the same trade for close cooperation, to improve services, to mediate disputes and to provide support to its members. Till date, SSTA has grown from 50 members to roughly 1200 members.

Since its establishment, the Association has participated in community building activities and kept in touch with relevant Government Ministries and institutions to work towards further improvement of the country’s transportation.

In 1967, the Association changed its name to the “Singapore School Transport Association (SSTA)”, in a bid to provide specialized services to schools and students.

SSTA received approval from the Registry of Societies in 22 September 1967 and officially joined the Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce as a member on 15 March 1992.

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