Membership Eligibility & Benefits

SSTA membership is open to personnel who meet the following criteria:

  1. Potential member has to own at least 1 bus.
  2. Membership is only open to Singapore citizens, aged 21 years and above.
  3. Entrance fee of $50 plus Annual Membership fee of $48 for the first vehicle is applicable. An additional $12 shall be payable for each additional bus.

Successful application will enjoy the following benefits offered:

  1. Up to 29% discount off diesel price at all ExxonMobil stations.
  2. Discount off Motor, Commercial and Personal insurance premium offered by NTUC Income or Sompo Insurance Pte Ltd.
    1. a. We also offer 12 months interest free installment plans for bus insurance premiums.
  3. Voting rights/stand for election for the Executive Council of the Association.
  4. Members can approach our Secretariat for assistant and support in problem solving and mediation.
  5. Members have the opportunity to take part in/sub-contract businesses that the Association and its subsidiary companies obtain. For example:
    1. a. Advertising contracts.
    2. b. School bus service contracts.
    3. c. Factory/Office staff bus service contracts.
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